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Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

What Happy Students Say

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Iryna M.
Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry (DMD)

“Pauline is truly an incredible tutor! Pauline [...] had a tremendous impact on my success [...] at the University of Florida. She is a fantastic communicator and is able to explain difficult concepts in a straightforward, engaging, and easy to understand way. She’s very approachable, friendly, and professional. She was truly a pleasure to work with and I can’t recommend her enough to any student who is seeking a tutor or a mentor.”

Meet our happy and successful student, Cole

Cole S.

Scientist & Painter

As an academic tutor- Pauline is incredible. [...]. Pauline is extraordinarily knowledgeable, patient, and provided superb guidance. She is certainly an expert in her field and what she teaches. I thoroughly enjoyed going to my class [...] sessions and fell further in love with the material. She always [...] provided every student with the utmost attention. When going to her with questions, she is effective in her approach to teaching and communicating. Overall, Pauline has been a memorable person in my academic career. She was very involved [...] during class, and I look up to her as a fellow scholar


Sabrina S.

Business Analyst

“Dr. Pauline was my TA for an upper level biology class at the University of Florida. She was phenomenal at explaining complex concepts in an easy to understand manner. Along with her expertise, Pauline is a caring and considerate individual. She provided specialized attention to each of the students in our discussion section and ensured we were able to actually learn and apply the material instead of simply memorizing the information.”

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Meet our happy college students who got accepted into top schools, prestigious universities and competitive graduate programs

Undergraduate Students 
University of Florida

Pauline [...] was so patient, kind and really wanted us all to succeed. She was constantly running around helping students and answering questions.


Pauline was really enthusiastic towards teaching this course, never missed a day, always had a smile on her face, and created a really smooth and bright atmosphere.


Pauline was available and willing to help students as they needed it. Explained difficult material in an easy to understand manner.

She is one of the nicest instructors I have ever had. [...], I always loved coming to discussion because she is unfailingly friendly, kind, and helpful.


Gabriella M.

Clinical Pharmacist

“Studying under Dr. Pauline’s guidance in the "Physiology and Molecular Biology of Animals" course [...] was a highlight of my academic journey! Her passion and enthusiasm for the subject matter was truly infectious, explaining difficult concepts in a way that was easy to understand, which made a significant difference in my own understanding of the course material. Dr. Pauline’s approachability and dedication to student understanding made learning complex topics not only manageable but enjoyable. She was always available for extra help [...]. Beyond her deep knowledge and academic support, she created a welcoming and inclusive environment where every student felt valued and encouraged to participate. She was visibly committed to each student’s success [...]. I left the course with more knowledgeable and newfound enthusiasm for the subject. Her support had a lasting impact on my academic journey, inspiring me with a deeper appreciation for the wonders of biology, and even leading me to eventually earn my Doctor of Pharmacy degree as well. I highly recommend Dr. Pauline as a teacher and mentor!”

What Our Parents Say

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Gonzague Fontaine


“We are immensely grateful for the exceptional tutoring services provided by Dr. Pauline to our son, which have surpassed our expectations in every way. She possesses a unique ability to connect with her students, making complex subjects accessible and engaging. Her highly effective methods are not just about learning but fostering a deep understanding and appreciation for the subject matter. Her personalized approach, dedication and expertise have helped my son not only improve his grades and academic growth but also boost his confidence in the subject and develop a genuine interest in learning. It's been a joy to see him tackle homework with newfound confidence and enthusiasm! Her commitment to his success has been evident in every session, and the progress he has made since starting with Dr. Pauline is astounding. We are both immensely grateful for her support, guidance, and dedication, and cannot recommend her services highly enough to any parent looking for an exceptional tutor who truly makes a difference.”

Happy mom.jfif
Stéphanie Layrac


“Five stars! As a mother, seeing my son struggle with English as a Second Language (ESL) was heart-wrenching. However, since he started tutoring sessions with Dr. Pauline , I've seen an incredible transformation. Dr. Pauline has not only helped my son grasp the fundamentals of the English language but has also ignited in him a passion for learning it. Dr. Pauline's patience, expertise, and personalized teaching methods have greatly improved my son's confidence and fluency. I'm truly grateful for the positive impact Dr. Pauline has had on my son's academic journey. Highly recommended for any parent looking for a compassionate and effective ESL tutor!”

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