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College Admission Preparation

At Après-School Tutoring, we guide high school students through the competitive and often complex college admission process. Our comprehensive tutoring services in Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science are tailored to not only enhance academic performance of high schoolers but also to strategically prepare students for the various components of college applications, including Advanced Placement (AP) exams . Here's how we can support your high schooler's journey to gaining acceptance into the college of their dreams.

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Our College Admission Preparation Services

We offer specialized tutoring aimed at strengthening your teen's skills in:

  • Language Arts: (English as a Second Language (ESL), French or Français Langue Etrangère (FLE)): Enhancing writing skills, critical reading, and analysis abilities crucial for crafting compelling personal statements. We prepare students for exams, international language certifications, and real-world language use in academic and professional contexts.

  • Mathematics: Building a solid foundation in math concepts and problem-solving strategies essential for final exams and STEM-related fields.

  • Science: Encouraging a deep understanding of scientific principles and the ability to apply these concepts, vital for STEM majors and standardized tests (AP exams).

Benefits of Our College Admission Preparation Services

Strengthened Academic Profile

Our targeted tutoring in key subject areas helps students improve their grades and GPA, a critical component of college applications.

Improved Standardized Test Scores

We provide personalized test preparation strategies and practice to enhance performance on final tests and AP exams, making students more competitive applicants.

Compelling College Applications

Our tutors assist in honing the writing skills necessary for crafting standout personal statements and essays that capture the unique qualities and aspirations of each student.

What Our College Admission Preparation Services Look Like

Our college admission preparation goes beyond traditional tutoring to include:

  • Personalized Learning Plans: Tailored to address each student's strengths and weaknesses, aligning with their college admission goals.

  • College-Level Materials: Exposure to advanced topics and materials to prepare students for the rigors of college coursework.

  • Application Support: Assistance in understanding college application strategies for highlighting extracurricular achievements.

Achieving Academic Success and College Admission!

Our comprehensive approach to college admission preparation in Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science equips students with the academic prowess, test-taking strategies, and application insights needed to stand out in the college admission process. By focusing on both academic excellence and the nuances of the application components, we help students present themselves as well-rounded, compelling candidates for their dream colleges.

Our commitment to your teen's success extends beyond tutoring sessions. We provide continuous support, advice, and encouragement throughout this pivotal time, ensuring students are confident and well-prepared for their next academic journey.

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Embark on the path to College success with our expert guidance

Contact us today to learn more about our College Admission Preparation services and how we can help your high schooler achieve their college aspirations.

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