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About Us

Après-School Tutoring is a private expert tutoring service located in Los Angeles, CA. Our experienced educator, Dr. Pauline, provides private, personalized, and one-on-one expert tutoring services and support in Language Arts (ESL*, French or Français Langue Etrangère (FLE)**), Mathematics and Science to K-12 students, employing a holistic approach to academic success.

With a focus on individualized learning and a commitment to academic excellence, Après-School Tutoring aims to inspire and empower students to believe in and unlock their fullest learning and personal potential, and feel more confident in their own learning, academic and personal abilities!

* English as a Second Language * * Français Langue Etrangère

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About Me

Hey There, I am Dr. Pauline !

I am a French native speaker, originally from Lille, France, and bilingual in English. I hold two doctorates, one in Pharmacy (PharmD) and the other in Biology/Molecular Genetics (PhD) as well as a Masters in Pharmacology. As a professional, I have worked as a Pharmacist, a Research Scientist and a Medical Science Liaison (MSL) in the pharmaceutical/cancer diagnostics industry. My passion for teaching/tutoring started 20+ years ago, and I am now leveraging both my scientific and linguistic skills as well as my tutoring experience to help K-12 students master and boost their confidence in their Language Arts (ESL*, French or FLE**), Mathematics and Science abilities, to achieve their own academic success!

My journey in education began in High School with a passion and love for helping, inspiring and empowering students to unlock and reach their fullest learning and personal potential. As an experienced tutor and teacher, I have had the privilege of guiding countless students through their academic challenges, helping them get accepted into top, prestigious schools as well as Ivy League Universities, and witnessing their transformative growth, inside and outside of the classroom.


As a pharmacy student, I studied abroad in England for 2 years. In total, I have lived in five different countries, and moved to the United States almost 11 years ago to go back to graduate school. I am now living in Los Angeles, CA. In my spare time, I like to read, be active (I like to go to the gym, hike, play tennis/pickleball, run, ski, surf), cook/bake, listen to music, spend quality time with my friends and family - especially my nephew Paul and nieces Louise and Anna, but also travel the world!

* English as a Second Language * * Français Langue Etrangère

Our private, expert tutor, Dr. Pauline, was recently featured on the
Espresso Yourself podcast

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Together, Let's Achieve
Academic Success!

Every student is unique, possessing a distinct set of strengths, interests, and learning styles. That is why we are committed to a student-centered, personalized approach to confidence-building education, tailoring our K-12 tutoring methods to accommodate the diverse needs of learners through customized tutoring programs and learning plans. 

Après-School Tutoring is a place where curiosity is celebrated, questions are encouraged, and success is a shared achievement! As a private tutoring enterprise, our goal is to create a safe, supportive, inclusive, inspiring and engaging learning environment that empowers students to participate, explore, question, boost their confidence in their subject matter abilities and grow both academically and personally. We take pride in providing personalized education to K-12 students and fostering a deep understanding and mastery of the subject matter - whether it's tailored Language Arts tutoring (ESL, French or FLE), Mathematics tutoring or Science tutoring -, ultimately improving students' confidence inside and outside of the classroom. As an avid learner, Dr. Pauline, is dedicated to sharing her passion and love for learning and education, empowering and inspiring students to become lifelong learners and unlock their fullest learning potential to achieve academic excellence!

Join us on this educational adventure, where every lesson is an opportunity to unlock new possibilities and foster a love for lifelong learning. Together, let's embark on a journey towards academic success and personal student empowerment through individualized learning! 

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